martes, 29 de julio de 2008

Our Project!

Our Solutions!

The Urbe Program provides a variety of activities to communicate the 4Rs concepts to the community. The activities identified provide programming that supports access to the 4Rs message for a large number of students (e.g., assemblies) and services that focus on content in depth (e.g., classroom presentations), resulting in a comprehensive approach.

The Urbe Program has adopted student outcomes in three areas: knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors as results of the 4Rs education services and activities. The education services provided as part of the Urbe Program are continuously evaluated to ensure the education services are meeting the needs of the population they serve.

The Programs goal is to have its services, which are delivered in schools or during school hours, correlated to the state content standards. Delivery of services correlated to state content standards adds validity to the waste reduction message and helps universities achieve their core mission, academic achievement. The Schools Program, to meet the needs of the universities, must be flexible and adapt its education services to current academic conditions and climate. It is important to measure both qualitatively and quantitatively the 4Rs services provided.

Quantitative measurement, such as the number of students or teachers served, provides feedback on cost effectiveness and equity. Qualitative measurement provides information on topics such as what do students know, believe, or practice. The strategies in this plan are implemented through the direct programs that the URBE undertakes, through the member agencies that negotiate franchises for solid waste and recycling as well as undertake their own local programs, and through cooperative relationships with the various haulers, processors, generators, and other stakeholders.

Implementing a recycling program depends greatly upon URBE partners in this area, especially the member agencies, haulers, and processors. The extent to which URBE can support and enhance the operations and programs of these partners can expand its impact beyond its direct budget and control. This plan assumes that the players below assume the following roles.

Industrial Recycle Group!

These Project seeks to educate URBE students about waste reduction and responsible environmental behaviors through the 4Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle and rot) concepts.

The URBE Program offers a comprehensive approach, including educational programs, teacher training and technical support for the university district, with the following three goals in mind:

1. Students are empowered to engage in 4Rs behaviors

2. Students practice 4Rs behaviors in URBE

3. Students apply 4Rs behaviors in everyday life.

To achieve these three goals, the URBE Program is focused on two major areas: recycling infrastructure and education.

domingo, 29 de junio de 2008

Resume 1.0


Full Name: Alfredo Figueras
Age: 24
Permanent Address: Av 8 with street nº 59. Apto: 3-A
Mobile Number: 0414-6289567

Career Objective: I would like to get a job as a General Manager or Sales Manager, where I can organize, direct or coordinate staff according to their respective work areas.

Areas of knowledge and experience: Sales, Publicity, Marketing.

Also good at:Negotiating with people, Managing people, Training others, Supervising others, Coordinating events, Interviewing people, Maintain orderly records, Analyzing data, Problem Solving, Performing safety operations, Selling products, Selling ideas, Monetary decision-making

2002-2005 Graduated: CUNIBE
Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela.
Title Opt: Senior Technical University in Industrial Maintenance

2005-Present: Rafael Belloso Chacín University (URBE)
Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela· Industrial Engineering 9th Trimester· 7 English levels approved

Community Service:

URBE Community Service – Designing a SHA (Security Hygiene and Environment) Procedures Manual

Work experience:

ASEMI, C.A 2003-2005
Sales Adviser, Administrative Assistant

REMAINCA 2005-2008
Sales Adviser, Administrative Assistant

Additional Skills:

English (read, speak, talk)
Microsoft Based Application Software:Windows 98/XP/Vista,
Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel (basic),
Engineering Design Software:AutoCAD 2000/2002/2005 (basic)


Activities and Hobbies:· Playing football, Search the Internet, Read...

Cover Letter

Jun 30th, 2008

Mr. Smith Johnson
Manager of Human Resources
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Mr. Johnson:

I am applying for the sales manager position that was advertised on your web page last week. I think is the ideal position due my professionalism and abilities.

That position requires different skills such as efficiency, creativity, innovation and responsibility among many others that I can offer to this company bringing all my effort. Furthermore, I am able to gather and analyze information looking for possible problems, aiming to improve the sales area. Also, I have good computer skills that will make the work simpler. My enclosed resume provides more details of my qualifications.

Please consider my request for a personal interview to discuss further about this opportunity and my qualifications. If you need to reach me, feel free to contact me at the above telephone number.


Alfredo Figueras

lunes, 9 de junio de 2008

Looking For A Job!

I thought of applying for this job in this company because it is looks like a really big company and do not require to have a lot of expirence in the field. Also, it require to have the knowledge of analytical project management and developing and maintaining labor standards and participating in the development of new standards and labor estimates, wish i already have a little knowledge about that!